2017 Convention

2017 CESASC Convention

Date and Time

Sat, April 15, 2017

11:00 AM – 9:00 PM PDT


Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City

333 Universal Hollywood Drive

Universal City, CA

The 55th Annual CESASC Convention will bring leaders and top science and engineering professionals together for the annual luncheon, technical symposium and evening gala and award reception on April 15, 2017 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. This year's theme is "Building for the Future".

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Evening Program Schedule

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Summary of CESASC 55th Annual Convention

The 55th Annual CESASC Convention has successfully concluded. Thank you so much for attending and supporting the event. At the bottom of this email you can fine links to the program brochure, media coverages and pictures for the event.

We are very grateful for the congratulatory certificates presented by Congresswoman Judy Chu and offices of Supervisors Hilda Solis and Kathryn Barger, new board installation by Mayor Samuel Kang of City of Duarte, the outstanding MC performance by Mike Eng of LACCD Board of Trustees, and award presentations by Mrs. Daphne Ng of SCE, Mr. Joe Reed of Balfour Beatty, Dr. Liping Yan of LADWP, Ms. Cynthia Guidry of LAWA, Dr. Joshua Schank of LA Metro, and Mr. Joel Jacinto of LA Commissioner of Public Works.

We also like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity in supporting the event:

  • The Science and Technology Division, TECO in Los Angeles
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Dr. Lois and Henry Chi
  • Edison International - Southern California Edison
  • Charlie Zhang/Pickup Stix
  • Munson & Suellen Kwok
  • LA Metro
  • Michael Chen/Law Offices of Scott Warmuth
  • Danny Chen/Green Maple Law Group
  • LRS Program Delivery, Inc.
  • Torrance Memorial Medical Center
  • Life and Technologies Radio Program host Dr. Dankai Liu
  • Piesat
  • Perceiver Education
  • Raytheon
  • Zhan Ying
  • Pradeep Consulting
  • Hsinchu Science Park
  • SquirePB
  • Shan Lee
  • AAPA
  • MBI Media
  • Byline7
  • Los Angeles Sustainability Coalition

Our attendees were extremely impressed by the caliber of speakers, awardees, and music performance, including:

Speakers (in order of appearance):

  • Dr. Hao Zou, CEO, Abundy, on Artificial Intelligence in Financial Industry
  • Dr. Suming Chen, Google, on Improving Personal Search with Machine Learning
  • Dr. Yinuo Li, Gates Foundation, on The Most Difficult Problem
  • Mr. Henry Shu, Founder of SpeedyAI, on Artificial Intelligence Demystified
  • Dr. Jonathan Jiang, JPL, on Impact of Pollution on Hydropower Generation in California
  • Charlie Zhang, CEO Zion Enterprises, founder of Pickup Stix, on Entrepreneurship and Career Development in the 21st Century
  • Jennifer Li, President of Novotech Nutraceuticals, on Women Entrepreneurship
  • Professor Thomas Sy, UCI, on Why Aren’t There More Asian Americans Leadership Positions
  • Mr. Ben Shih, Google, on Current Hiring Trend in Technology Sector
  • James Erickson, JPL, on Curiosity Rover on Mars: Science Highlights

STEM Awards:

  • Group 1 (Grade 6~8): Stanley Liu Jr., Major Yang, Rio Yonezawa
  • Group 2 (Grade 6~8 China, Sponsored by Perceiver Inc.): XiangYu Huang, Jiao Yutian
  • Group 3 (Grade 9~12): Benjamin Liu, Valerie H. Narumi
  • Honorable Mention

Scholarship Awards:

  • Mo Chen, Siteng Fan, Danni Li, Ping Keng Lu, Tawny Tsang, Jianzhi Wu, Guodong Xie, Alice Zhai

Business Competition Awards:

  • 1st Place:  Eater Zone Helen Hu, Angela Lao, Anna Zhang, Jonathan Kumamoto, Henry Chen
  • 2nd Place: eClaim: A Rapid Auto Insurance Claim Management System Equipped with the Artificial Intelligence Miki Li, Deen Ma, Nancy Xu, Yuri Jiang, Mark Wang, Canming Jiang, Eric Kingsbury, Sean Li
  • 3rd Place:  Anti-forgery Services Based on IoT, GIS and Big-data Jiangong Chen, Li Fan, Ji Peng, Miao Jianming, Wang Lijie, Fu Chaojiann
  • 4th Place:   First Sight Xi Wang, Harry Xu, Mingbo Gong
  • 5th Place:   Only for Your Progress Yang Deng, Wenxun Guan, Xu Liu, Guang Li

Achievement Awards (in order of appearance):

  • Dr. Yinuo Li, Gates Foundation
  • Dr. Wilson Ho, UCI
  • Dr. Lee-Lueng Fu, JPL
  • Mr. Raymond Chan, LA Deputy Mayor of Economic Development

Musical Performance – Chamber Ensamble by Qian Liu, Di Chen, Kyle Dombroski, Yufei Li, Zhengxian Qu, Xinlei Tong, and Yu Xie

Following are some of the accolades:

  • Raymond Chan (LA Deputy Mayor of Economic Development): “…thank you for the prestigious award and a great event. I am very impressed with the caliber of the CESASC members. Amazing!”
  • Dr. Wilson Ho (UC Irvine): “…Thank you very much for making it possible for us to attend this event and for all the help that you have given me. It was wonderful to be part of this community.”
  • Dr. Lee-Lueng Fu (JPL): “Thanks for the event last night. Cecilia and I enjoyed it very much. You folks did a great job to stage this complex operation.”
  • Prof. Yuk Yung (Caltech): “We had a great time there last night. I am glad your generation has taken the initiative to lead CESASC into the second half century. This kind of inspiration and impact is unthinkable in my generation.”
  • Joe Reed (Balfour Beatty): “Thank you so much for a great evening. I greatly appreciate the evening and opportunity of participating. Great event!!!
  • Joshua Schank (Metro): “It was my pleasure and thanks for including me and Lindsey! It was great meeting everyone..”
  • Cynthia Guidry (LAWA): “Had a wonderful time! I was so glad to be a part of the event. Thanks for including meeting me.
  • Jimmy Wu (Deputy for Supervisor Kathryn Barger): “Thank you for the hospitality and generosity that I had had at the CESASC event. I was very honor and pleased to meet and know all of your organization and staff…I had a great evening and enjoyed it very much.
  • Lawrence Shih (Deputy for Supervisor Hilda Solis): “It was my honor to present the certificate to CESASC on her [Supv. Solis] behalf!
  • Lia Andika (AAPA): “It was a fantastic event. What an impressive roundup of speakers, board, committee chairs, and volunteers.

 Lastly, we would like to acknowledge and thank the tireless and selfless volunteers in the planning, preparation, and execution of events throughout the 2016/17 fiscal year, listed in the following:

  • CESASC 2016/17 Board of Directors and Officers: President: Lan Saadatnejadi, Vice President: Dongmei Huang, Secretary: Hui Su, Treasurer: Manwai Szeto, Chairman of the Board: Yue Rong, Board Members: Xiwu Cao, Jia Fan, Yutao He, Jill Long, Wanwan Yang, Yang Yang, and Peter Zhang
  • CESASC Scholarship Foundation 2016/17 Board of Directors: Chairman of Board: Shan Lee, Directors: Lan Saadatnejadi and Peter Zhang, President: Eastwood Im, Vice President:  Shirley Ho, Secretary:  Jiin-Jen Lee, Treasurer: Munson Kwok
  • Executive Committee: Convention: Jill Long, Achievement Awards: Hui Su, Events: James Lin, Fundraising: Wanwan Yang, Convention Journal: Manwai Szeto, Ticket Drive: Jia Fan, Scholarships: Peter Zhang, STEM: Yiu Man So, Business Innovation: Xiwu Cao, Website Management: Peter Zhang / Jia Fan, Public/Media Relations: Joseph Chen, Membership: Zheng Yang, Young Prof. Outreach: Yutao He, Volunteer Manager: Dongmei Huang, Daytime Symposium: Charles Wu, Radio Talk Show: Dankai Liu
  • CESASC Board Nomination Committee: Yue Rong (Chair), Dankai Liu, Liping Yan, Lan Saadatnejadi
  • Convention Committee: Jill Long (Chair), Charles Wu, Xiwu Cao, Zeng Yang
  • Award Selection Committee: Hui Su (Chair), Yutao He, Dongmei Huang, David Lee, Yue Rong, Lan Saadatnejadi, Jason Wen, Liping Yan
  • CESASC Scholarship Committee: Peter Zhang (Chair), Zhonghe Wu, Lei Xu, Yongping Zhang
  • Business Innovation Competition Committee: Xiwu Cao (Chair), Hui Su, Charles Wu, Wanwan Yang
  • STEM Committee/Judges: Yiu Man So (Chair), Rita Chuang (Co-Chair), Hui Su, Jonathan So, Shouhua Huang, Thanh Diep, Mason Tam  Subject Matter Experts: Cathy Yang and Willie Ng 
  • Daytime Symposium Committee: Charles Wu (Chair), Jill Long, Lan Saadatnejadi, Francis Cheung (AAPA)
  • Convention Entertainment: Jill Long (Chair) Qian Liu (Co- Chair)
  • Journal Cover Design: Will Ma, Jency Yanchen
  • Event Floor Managers: Lia Andika (AAPA), Dankai Liu, Mary Lam (AAPA)
  • Program Slides Production: Stephanie Zhang
  • Gala Centerpiece: Cynthia Vera
  • Lunchtime/Afternoon Volunteers: Jia Fan, Zheng yang, Nicole Guo, Jiachen Zhang, Aaron Ma, Shukai Cai, Shawn Li, Guodong Xie, Bowen Zhu, Zhe Wang, Ping Keng Lu, Chao Wang, Tan Zou, Mengting Hou, Abby Ji, Andy Young, Biying Zhao, Ellie Zhang, Cynthia Vera, Albert Shih, Charlene Chen, Joyce Zou, Charles Wu, Jr., and Lin Kenny.
  • Evening Volunteers: Jia Fan, Zheng Yang, Nancy Huang, Anna Zhang, Yaole Peng, Nicole Guo, Shukai Cai, Shawn Li, Guodong Xie, Bowen Zhu, Zhe Wang, Chao Wang, Sarah Zhu, Mengting Hou, Andy Young, Biying Zhao, Ellie Zhang, Cynthia Vera, Xuya Jiang, Lily Chun, Gloria Chou.

Links to Media Coverages & Pictures:

2017 CESASC Convention Program Brochure